Resin CBN Grinding Wheel for Tissue Paper Knife Log Saw Blade

Resin Bond CBN Grinding Wheels for Sharpening Tissue Paper Knife Log Saw Blade
Grit Sizes´╝Ü80 to 320 grit
Usage: To sharp tissue paper steel belt blade of log saw machine, stainless steel slitting knives,

Brief Introduction

Resin Bond CBN Grinding Wheels for Sharpening Tissue Paper Cutting Knife Log Saw Blade

Abrasive Material: CBN gridning wheel for hss blade (high speed steel); Diamond wheel for tungsten carbide blade;
Application: to grind and sharpen log saw blade, band saw, belt blade, etc;
ndustraies: tissue paper industry, paper tube, non-woven fabric, bundled strips, etc.
Machines: Fabio Perini, PCMC, FUTURA, CMG(GAMBINI), KAWANO, ZOKI, Bretting, BaoSuo, DeChangyu, MTC, etc

1. Using high-quality raw materials, to ensure durable, great anti-oxidation, abrasion resistance, and anti-fouling ability;
2. Advanced numerical control technology, precision machining, extremely small size deviation, precise hole spacing, no burrs, to      ensure the overall requirements of the log saw blade grinding wheels;
3. Advanced grinder, professional thermal processing, higher product performance;
4. Strict quality inspection to ensure the delivery of excellent quality products;


Product Size

Hot Sell Sizes of  Tissue Paper Log Saw Blade Sharpening CBN Wheels:
Wheel Type Description(mm)
6A2 100D*20H*6W*6X   B107  C100
6A2 100*20*10
6A2 100*20*15.3
6A2 100&20*15.5
6A2 100*20*16
6A2 100*20*20
Other Types:   9A3, 12A2, 12A3
Szies Sizes can be customized
Grit 80, 120, 140, 160, 200, 240

How to order the suitable CBN Tissue Paper Blade Griniding Wheel
1. Choose the abrasive of grinding wheels
   According to the material of the log blade, choose the grinding wheel abrasive.  CBN wheel is better to process HSS ((high speed steel), alloy steel, chrome steel, tool steel, and other steels with hardness between Rockwell 40-65. Diamond wheel is suitable for grinding tungsten carbide.
2. Choose the right grit size of sharpening wheels
   Grit size means the size of abrasive grains, which influences the grinding efficiency and polishing surface effect of workpieces.
   B107 (140/170) particle size is the current hot-selling grit size of the CBN wheel, which is very suitable for grinding hss log saw blades with CBN abrasive size.
3. Choose the bond
    At present, the grinding wheels are divided into resin grinding wheels, ceramic grinding wheels, metal grinding wheels, electroplating grinding wheels, and brazing grinding wheels. 
Resin grinding wheel has elasticity and good self-sharpening, and high grinding efficiency, it suits to shapen the long saw blade and band saw, which will guarantee the grinding surface results and working lifes.
Description, concentration and machines type, then the exact quotation will offer to your order.

Production Process