4A2 3A1 14A1 Resin Bond Diamond Wheels for Grinding Carbide-tipped Circular Saw Blades

Resin Bond Diamond Wheels for Grinding Woodworking Carbide-tipped Circular Saw Blades
Tooth Face Grinding: 4A2, 4V2, 12V2, 12V9, 12A2, 4B2, etc;
Tooth Tops/Backs Grinding: 14A1, 14M1, 14B1, 3M1, 4B1, 4A2, 11V9, 12V2, 12V9, etc;
Flank Grinding: 3A1, 1A1, 11A2, etc;
Grinding Pins for Hollow-tooth Saw Blade: 1A1W
Grinder Machine: Vollmer, Grifo, Walter, AKEMAT, WEINIG, LINSINGER, GOECKEL, etc.

Brief Introduction

Resin Bond Diamond Wheels for Grinding Woodworking Carbide-tipped Circular Saw Blades 
Our resin diamond wheel can achieve the qualified cutting edge of blades, which can not only prolong the single life of the carbide saw blade segments, improve the cutting efficiency, but also make the tool regrind repeatedly, making full use of the carbide tip.

High quality raw material of grinding wheels;
High grinding efficiency;
Excellent polishing result;
Stable performance;
No gap on the cutting edge of blades,  no chipping.

Resin Bond Diamond Wheels for Grinding Woodworking Carbide-tipped Circular Saw Blades 
Grinding Area Shape Size Mesh Shape Drawings
Tooth Face Grinding

4A2 D100/125*T10*H20*X5*U2 D170/200 
4V2 D100*T12*H32*X3*U2 D170/200 
12V2 D125/150*T13*H32*X2*U2 D200/230
12A2 D125/150*T13*H32*X2/4*U2 D200/230
Grinding Pins for Hollow tooth Sharpening 1A1W D6.5/7*L45*T6*I12*U35 D200/230
Tooth Tops Grinding

4A2 D100*W4*X3*H25 D46/D64
14B1 D127*U5*X7*V15*H32 D46/D54/
14A1 D150*U5*X8*H32  D64
14M1 D150*U5*X8*U2.5*V5°*H32 D46/D107
Flank Grinding 

3A1 D100*T14*H32*X6*U4 D140/170
1A1 D125*W8*X15*H20 D64
11A2  D75/100*W4-6*T3-5 #100 - 230
#300 - 600
Types and sizes of resin diamond wheels are can be customized.

Product Size

How to Order Grinding Wheels
1. Type of workpiece material
2. Grinder model
3. Grinding part
4. Workpiece finish requirements
5. Grinding wheel speed, cutting speed, and grinding allowance;
6. Diameter, hole size, thickness and diamond layer, etc.

We can provide one-stop all types diamond CBN grinding wheels products procurement services for the grinding and resharpening needs of various woodworking tools:
Carbide circular saw blades/PCD saw blades;
Woodworking bandsaws;
Solid HSS circular saw blades, woodworking mills, milling blades, formed cobalt mills;
Planers, finger joints, woodworking rotary tools;
Carbide mills and carbide drill, etc.

Milling inserts, profiled cobalt cutters, and planers are ground with 11V9 and 12V9 resin diamond CBN grinding wheels;
Finger joint knives, disc-type finger joint knives, and inlaid finger joint knives, the front corners are sharpened with the bowl-type grinding wheels, and the rear corners are sharpened with the cup-type grinding wheels.;
Solid carbide milling cutters and drills use matching five-axis resin bond diamond grinding wheels.

Product Application