Water Swivel Adapter of Diamond Drill Bit for Water Supply

Taper / Straight/ Threaded shank water swivel adapter
Facilitate the discharge of broken slag;
Improve the opening speed and work efficiency;
Extend the service life of the tool

Brief Introduction

Water Swivel Adapter Glass Diamond Drill Bit Connect Water Nozzle Joint 
1. Easy to load and unload;
2. The crumbs generated inside the drilling hole can be easily discharged under the condition of water pressure, reducing the friction between the crumbs and the inner wall of the diamond bit matrix. Use of diamond drill bits with water swivel adapter increases the service life of the diamond drill bits by at least 15%-20%, which greatly reduces the cost of use;
3. Improved drilling speed, feed rate, and work efficiency; 
4. Improve surface finish quality and reduce material chipping;
*  Suitable for bench drills and pistol drills

Product Size

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