Tile Glaze Polishing Diamond Lapato Resin Diamond Abrasive Fickert Making Machine Production Line

For resin bond diamond abrasive Fickert, we can provide one-stop product services, from raw materials to formula technology, to production machines, and assist you in completing the factory plant construction plan.

Brief Introduction

Product Size

Product Name Cylineder-above hydraulic oil press machine for making resin diamond fickert
Type MY-200
Machine Host Nominal pressure (KN) 2000
Worktable size (mm) 670×600
Hydraulic System Inner diameter of cylinder (mm) 320
Rated oil pressure (MPa) 25
Oil cylinder piston stroke (mm) 280
Pressure measurement accuracy(MPa) ±0.1
Electric Control System Battery capacity (kVA) 30
Control system PLC+ matching touch screen
Temperature control accuracy ±2°C
Maximum heating temperature 250℃
Movable water-cooled operating platform Size 1500mm (length) x600mm (width) x850mm (height)
Propulsion cylinder The guide adopts copper sleeve guide, and the push cylinder control button is fixed to the upper beam of the heat press. The push plate is equipped with a pneumatic hook, which can pull the mold into the press, which can realize the pull in and push out of the mold
Product Advantage Fast pressing, high efficiency, good technical performance, reliable work, low power consumption, and low cost.
Note: Please provide the processed material before purchase.

Product Application