Precision Polishing Silicon Wafer Sapphire Usage Polycrystalline Diamond Powder

Detonation polycrystalline diamond powder and Similar polycrystalline diamond powder, strong cutting force and holding fore, high polishing precision, and high self-sharpening ability. Suitable for polishing silicon wafer, sapphire, magnetic head, optic lens, etc.

Brief Introduction

Product Size

  Polycrystalline Diamond Powder Similar Polycrystalline Diamond Powder
Production Method Blasting Surface corrosion treatment
Size Range 1-9um 2-200um
Advantages Strong cutting force, strong holding force, high polishing precision, high dispersibility, good dispersion stability, uniform particle size distribution, no flaky and long strip particles. Substituting similar polycrystalline diamond for blasting polycrystalline diamond, saving two-thirds of the cost.

Product Application


Production Process

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